How Can I Find What the API Score Is For A School?

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Many buyers and sellers planning to sell, are interested in finding out an API (Academic Performance Index) score for a school.  For buyers, they may want to buy a home in an area where the schools have an API score over a certain amount.  For sellers it may be a selling point being in an area where the schools have a high API.  If the API is lower it may help them understand why the exact same home in another area might sell for higher and get a realistic idea about pricing their home.

The first thing to do is find get the address of the home you want to check.  Next, find  out the local elementary and high school districts(they may be same or separate).  Nowdays the school districts have a website. ( Not too long ago, one would have to call the district office, ask for the superintendants office and ask the secretary about a address and school.)  Go to the website and generally there is a page that matches any address in the district to the elementary, middle, and high school.  Then go to the California Department of Education Website and put in the school.  Another helpful website is: Great Schools with comments from parents.  As an agent, I have no problem looking up information for my clients but it’s always good to recheck and if schools are an important criteria in buying a home, personally check with the district and school for any updates or future changes in plans or boundaries.

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