Smalltown San Jose

We just came back from the Berryessa Art & Wine Festival.  It’s at the Penitencia Creek Park in North San Jose.  Seems like it’s one of the first of the art and wine festivals for the year in the area.  It’s pretty small but to me the right size in that it’s got everything the larger ones have but because it’s small, it’s a lot easier accessibility.  Since I live nearby I always run into friends and faces I see in the community.  If we travel and happen to find a festival, in the area we’re visiting, we usually stop to check them out, they’re pretty much the same format but it’s the local people and you get the feeling you’re part of their community just like going to the Berryessa Festival.   I think I said the same thing about community in a past post on Farmer’s Markets.

Berryessa Art and Wine Festival
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