Finally A Smartphone!


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After months wating and contemplation, I ordered a HTC Incredible through Verizon delivery to be April 29th.  I have phone that’s not quite a smartphone and while all the stuff about I Phone, Blackberrys, Palm and Motorola Droids have been going around, there was something I didn’t like about each of them.  Plus I’m a long time Verizon user.  I had planned on the Google Nexus One but it still hasn’t come out and who knows when?  Looks like mostly positive reviews and with improvments constantly, there’ll always be another better phone coming out.  An important tool in my belt.

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One thought on “Finally A Smartphone!”

  1. Craig Hanada

    Thanks Tom for the response. The only thing I can say is I like the virtual keyboard over the slider keyboard and you can turn the screen from vertical to horizontal but you give very strong reasons.

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