What’s An HOA Package?

Whenever a buyer buys a townhouse or condominium, or a single family home in a PUD (Panned Unit Development) the seller is required to provide to the buyer a HOA package (Home Owner’s Association)  A complete package generally includes the rules and regulations of the development, CC & R’s (Covenant Conditions and Restrictions), Budget and Bylaws, insurance policy, financial statement, past HOA meeting minutes, articles of incorporation.  Not all HOA packages have all these items but all PUD’s which includes townhomes, and condominiums have rules and regulations and CC&R’s.  It’s important for buyer to read all HOA documents relating to the home they are buying there may be a rule or regulation the buyer may not be comfortable.  For example, some condominium complexes have a maximum weight for pets or require exterior paint tones.  Depending on the severity of the offense of a rule the Homeowner’s Association may fine the offender or take legal action.  In defense of the Homeowner’s Associations, they are trying to maintain continuity in the development.  Basically they are communities in a community and all communities have guidelines.  The benefit in these rules is to maintain value to the development and home, not to lose value.

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