Check Into Homes With Permitted And Unpermitted Additions

Sometimes homeowners, will build additions to their home and get  or do the work without getting permits.  Regardless of the use, any additions should be done through the permit process with a completion certificate.  The reason for not getting a permit may be varied, examples being, trying to save money,  ignorance, or just disregard for the permit  process.   Eventually, problems will arise with this issue.  Because of building requirements by the city and or county in order to obtain permits, it’s possible the addition was not done according to the requirements.  Even if it was done following all the requirements, if there is no completion, it’s not official or legal with city or county and the change is not recorded.  Consequences could be requiring the owner to remove the addition or property tax penalties.  Another problem could be with the homeowner’s insurance policy if a claim for the home is filed, the insurance company could deny a claim citing a portion of the home was unpermitted.  There are a lot of issues that may arise as a result of unpermitted additions the reason for this post is to encourage homeowners to look into getting permits when doing any additions and for prospective buyers to check thoroughly to their satisfaction when a seller discloses a unpermitted or even permitted area.  (a seller may disclose an addition was permitted because the previous owner disclosed it to him, but turns out the addition never got a completion notice).  Also when anyone related to the transaction senses an area might or might not be permitted. 

Her is a link to the City of San Jose permits online

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